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Where To Get Black Herringbone Tiles In Australia

In Australia today, there are countless stores where one can get black tiles that one can use to create a herringbone tile pattern. Black herringbone tiles are beautiful if they are combined with other colors that can bring illumination to them. There are several walls in homes and offices that are covered with black herringbone tiles. Although, one shouldn’t use black herringbone tile to cover the whole space. For instance, if you install black herringbone tiles in a bathroom, the beauty of the herringbone pattern might not be seen, and the room will be too dull been without illumination.¬†

Because of the points discussed above, black tiles have been so scarce in Australia. A contractor that can’t think outside the box cannot use this tile. We’ve seen some professional tiler with a high level of creativity using black tile in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. However, they did not only use black herringbone tile. What are we saying in essence? We are saying that one can still make use of this black herringbone tile creatively.

The best thing to do is install black herringbone tiles on some part of the wall, and one can use another color like white tiles on the other part to create something unique and beautiful.

Don’t forget what we said earlier that what some tilers see about black herringbone tile has made it so scarce in Australia. 

Advantages of laying black herringbone tiles 

Most people think black tile or any dark color will make a space dark. They fail to understand that installing black herringbone tile with a shiny dimension can also reflect light and add interest to a room. Also, black herringbone tile adds a sense of drama to any space. Furthermore, black tile attracts attention by being vivid and unexpected. They can also add high contrast by mixing white tile for a classic but theatrical pattern on any floor or wall.

Where to get black herringbone tiles in Australia

  1. Metric Tile Company: You can get quality black tiles made from ceramics to create herringbone tile in this company. This company offers a massive variety of marble tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles. They are based in Melbourne. Metric Tiles Company has thousands of black tiles with different designs that one can choose from. They are also an expert in advising people on making the right decision when it comes to the usage of black tiles. Contact them today for your black tiles.
  2. Newcastle Tile Company: Newcastle Tile Company also offers the best quality black tiles. They are based at 577 Maitland Road, Mayfield West NSW 2304. They offer different kinds of tiles that are made from marble and other natural stone. Newcastle Tile Company has been in the game of selling black tiles for decades. This company was established in 1973. Therefore, if you are living around Maitland Road and you need a black tile to create a herringbone pattern, then contact Newcastle Tile Company.
  3. Designer Tile Company: This tile store is located at Springvale VIC, Australia. Designer Tile Company has been in this race for decades. They know everything about tiles. Also, they are the best title company in Springvale. If you want to use black tiles to create a herringbone pattern, then Designer Tile Company is a great choice. Their store is always open, and you can also order your black tiles. They will deliver right there at your doorstep.
  4. Urban Tile Company: Urban Tile Company is one of the best places to make black tiles for the herringbone pattern. They are based in Capalaba, Australia. They have a great collection of tiles with professional staff. If you would like to strike a deal with them, you will indeed feel at home. Urban Tile Company is an Australian tile company that was established in 1987. They are one of the companies in Australia that has a large stock of black tiles. Not only that, but you can also contact them for all kinds of tiles.
  5. The Pool Tile Company: The Pool Tile Company is located at Westringia Road, Brisbane Airport, Australia. They offer tiles that are made from ceramics and glass. For your black tiles in some part of your poolside, you can contact them. Their collection of black tiles that one can use to make a herringbone tile pattern will amaze you. Also, they have professional tilers that can help to install herringbone tile effectively. Their staff are well trained. One major thing we’ve known about this company is that they can go to any length to satisfy their customers. Therefore, this is a piece of good news for people living around Brisbane and its environs. Contact them today for your black tiles.
  6. Nerang tiles: There’s no how one will not be full of joy when one shops at Nerang Tiles. This is one of the places we can personally vouch for when it comes to quality black tiles. Their collection of black tiles will ‘wow’ you. At Nerang, you will see black tiles with different patterns with diverse colours. As a matter of fact, if you need a black tile that has already been combined with another colour to complement it, then you need to contact Nerang tiles. Also, they have the proper sense of giving their customers a special treat. Nerang collection of black tiles are cheap. Click here to read about Pitfalls to avoid when choosing bathroom tiles combination.
  1. Tile Warehouse: This company is an excellent company with fantastic staff. They are located at Warners Bay NSW, Australia. With the collection of their black tiles, they can make your home to be like heaven on earth. They have more than hundreds of high-quality black tiles that will amaze you. At Tile Warehouse, you will get everything you need for your next tiling project. Their tiles are cheap, and they also offer home delivery. Tile Warehouse has been in the game for over 20 years. You can trust them!


We believe you can’t join the league of people who don’t want to use black tiles. Also, there’s nothing to worry about where to get black tiles for herringbone patterns in Australia.